Random Friday: Net neutrality, nuclear nightmares, nephilim & nettlesome no-no’s.


Net neutrality.

I’m sure you’ve all heard or seen this a lot lately, so I won’t drone on. If you need a clear explanation of what it means and how it CAN AND DOES AFFECT YOU, check out Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Now.  Sign a petition. Tweet. Send a message to the FCC. Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to take away our freedom to choose.

Even peeps on the FCC want you to scream your head off about it.

Fallout 4 is kinda spooky in a whole new way.

Playing Fallout 4 is a bit freaky these days. Actually going through the beginning of the war and having to flee for your life to the safety of a Vault is even more nerve-wracking when you’re living under a POTUS who seems to think tossing around nuclear threats is the adult equivalent of schoolyard bullying. After all, there are no Vaults to flee to. At least, not for the average person.

Just remember to duck and cover.

Also, give a ghoul a break. And, seriously… don’t eat radroaches. That’s just disgusting.

BioShock is still fun, but…

I originally played BioShock on PC, but, true to my ongoing stupidity, I decided to pick up the collection during the Xbox Black Friday sale. I pulled off a couple of spectacular Sky-Line maneuvers in Infinite that made me wonder if all this controller self-shaming I’ve been doing is mostly in my head. Here’s a video of one of them…

Except no. Because I discovered, as so many have before me, that you can’t take screenshots, make clips, or apparently stream the games from BioShock: The Collection at all. I’m late to the party, but allow me to add a rousing chorus of, “That’s a bunch of bullshit!” What the hell were they thinking? Even if there was a logical reason for disallowing that sort of thing for a brand-new game (there isn’t), why lock us out when the game is old freaking news?

I took this shot on my phone. Yes, pointed my phone at the television and took a picture. That’s dumb.

Yes, there are still ways, but the average gamer probably doesn’t want to go that far. The average gamer likely wants to be able to do the same damn thing they do in just about every other game: push a few buttons and then have their screenshot or clip of that awesome thing they did. I’ve run across games that won’t let you capture certain cutscenes, and that’s fine, but this is the first time I’ve run across a game (in this case, three) that disallows it completely. Bad form.

The argument that tons of people won’t buy a game when they can just watch someone else playing it is utter nonsense. If you’d rather watch than play, then you’re not likely to buy it, period.

And then there’s Satan.

Ok. I’m gonna say it.

Has anyone else been dying to see Lucifer genuinely go through some changes and actually gain some… well, humanity, for lack of a better word?

For a show that was supposed to end after five seasons, Supernatural is still pretty lively. There have been some wobbly bits, but it’s pretty much the same show. Every time I think they’ve jumped the shark, they always manage to pull it off.

*Spoilers ahead, if you’re not all caught up.

I wasn’t hating the Jack storyline, but I was a little surprised that he disappeared so quickly. Lucifer’s return filled that gap, and it makes some sense: that father-son reunion wasn’t likely to come quickly or easily. And hello, turns out Asmodeus may not be the big bad this season. Or at least not the only one, because other-Michael is a pretty seriously messed-up dude. (Was anyone else disappointed when his mini reveal turned out to be Kevin? I was sooo hoping for Gabriel. I need my Trickster back. Dammit.)

But having Lucifer effectively stripped of his mojo, at least for now, made me wonder. Is he going to get a real taste of what it’s like to be an average Joe? Will he learn a little compassion and humility? Will fatherhood finally land on him like a ton of bricks and make him a little less dark side? I’m kind of hoping so. It actually felt like he was showing genuine concern when he asked Kevin not to give Michael a way through to the… um, other Earth. (Earth 1? Or is it like, Earth 2,768? Man, all those Flash Earths are confusing enough.)

It’s pretty clear that Lucifer isn’t motivated by simple evil. He’s complex, and his motivations are complicated. He fell, in part, because he was wounded and lashing out. Being imprisoned only gave him another reason to continue trying to hurt everyone and everything around him.  In his eyes, he’s the victim, and “daddy issues” doesn’t begin to cover it. In a sense, he’s never had to grow up. Maybe losing his powers and becoming a father will kickstart that process. Maybe it’s too late, and he’s too mired in selfishness to change. I hope not, because those little glimpses of what he could be are interesting.

Maybe John can finally return and give Lucifer another perspective on what fatherhood could be — and what it shouldn’t be. Not long ago, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said he’s still interested in being on the show, and there’s no doubt that it would be one hell of a payoff for fans.

But I still want Gabriel back.


Random pic from Mass Effect: Andromeda. Yes, I actually like the game. Take that, haters.

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