New Year’s Eve in the real world. (Ok, my world…)

Random pic of fireworks from 2008, because apparently I never delete anything.

Him: “I keep hearing the cats bumping around, but I can’t figure out what it is. Or where they are. Or what they’re doing. … … See, there it is again!”

Me: “… … … You mean the fireworks?”

Him: “Uh… oh. Yeah. Maybe that’s it.”

Me: “It’s New Year’s Eve.”

Him: “I got it, I GOT IT.”

Me: “Happy New Year.”

Him: “You might not want to come over here, I sort of…”

Me: “HOLY CRAP, what is that SMELL?!”

Him: “I tried to tell you, I sorta… happy New Year!”

Me: “What the fuck did you EAT?”

Him: “I told you not to come over here!”

Me: “Wh… why are there little pieces of cardboard all over the floor?”

Him: “That cat keeps ripping up all the cardboard stuff. Seriously, she just goes after it.”

Me: “Then why do you keep giving her cardboard stuff… hold on… there’s like, three paper towel tubes behind here…”

Him: “They like playing with them!”

Me: “That doesn’t mean you have to give them to them! They have cat toys all over the place.”

Him: “Technically, they’re toilet paper tubes, not paper towel…”

Me: “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT. And here’s two more… and another… and… Jesus H., there’s like five over here…”

Him: “They like them.”

Me: “There’s thirteen of them! No, fifteen! They don’t need fifteen toilet paper tubes! Why the hell do we keep spending money on cat toys if you’re just going to throw trash on the floor for them?”

Him: “It’s not trash if they’re toys. And they always hide all the other toys.”

Me: “They hid fifteen of THESE. Why don’t you just find all the toys and pull them back out again?”

Him: “They like it when I throw the tubes.”

Me: “Ok, so give them ONE. Not FIFTEEN.”

Him: “But then I have plenty of ammo.”

Me: “Ggggggggggg… Uh… what was that?”

Him: “What?”

Me: “I walked over here, and then you unplugged the monitor really quick. Hiding something?”

Him: “I didn’t unplug it really quick! I’m getting ready to go to bed! I always unplug the monitor from my laptop, and then I go to bed. Hey, I made it all the way to midnight!”

Me: “Yeah, that seems reasonable.”

Him: “Whaaaat!?”

Me: “Ok, so if you walked over to me when I was on the computer, and I reached over and yanked out the monitor cable before you got all the way over there…”

Him: “I’d totally think you were hiding something.”

Me: “Right!”

Him: “But that’s different.”

Me: “Ggggggggggg… ”

Him: “I have to go fall down now. I can’t believe I stayed up this late.”

Me: “This must be that thing they always show in the movies. You know, that thing where it’s New Year’s Eve and they kiss and it’s all romantic and stuff? This is what they mean, right?”

Him: “Yes. This is totally it. Exactly.”

Me: “Even with the smell, and everything…?”


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