Daily Prompt: Conjure (fiction)

From Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

(My rules: Post an on-the-spot piece of fiction based on the daily prompt. It has to be written quickly, in one sitting, with no major rewriting, just minor edits for spelling and typos. Minimum of 250 words. Ready, set, go!)

via Daily Prompt: Conjure

Dear Madam Felston,

I am writing to express my deepest respect and admiration for your work. I hope that you will not find this letter presumptuous, but I was moved to put pen to parchment, as it were, by an article that recently appeared in the local papers.

In my opinion, your work is nothing less than groundbreaking. Visionary! Though the yapping dogs of the press seem incapable of understanding your genius, rest assured that there are those, like myself, who appreciate how difficult and dangerous — and yet, how necessary! — your efforts are. I have run some small experiments of my own, so my personal understanding is, I flatter myself, superior to that of the common rabble.

Forge onward, madam, and do not let the hysteria of the press discourage you. The world shall be better for your efforts, never doubt it!

Mr. Ronald L. Talbach


Dear Mrs. Felston,

Though I confess myself somewhat disappointed that you did not see fit to respond to my letter, I understand that the work must always come first! I imagine that your correspondence is voluminous, and my letter was but one of many.

The local papers published yet another article that spoke rather disparagingly of your work, and I wanted to assure you that their efforts are for naught. Those of us who are capable of understanding your work know better than to listen to imbeciles!

One small point did engage my attention, however. The sketch that accompanied the article was not well-executed, but it raised a point of concern. According to this depiction, you appear to be using an ordinary knife. If I may presume to impart some wisdom of my own, you should instead use a blade made of sharpened bone. A bone from nearly any type of creature will suffice, so long as the bone is large enough to serve the purpose. I have found that this type of blade yields far superior results, and I trust that the symbolism is not lost on you.

Mr. Ronald L. Talbach


Dear Mrs. Felston,

I hope that this finds you well and that your research is progressing. I must admit, I was rather distressed when the local papers reported that your latest experiment utilized a mixture of water and table salt, rather than genuine sea water. Upon reflection, I realized that they most likely were incorrect. One cannot expect the hoi polloi to recognize the difference. You, on the other hand, would of course realize that genuine sea water carries properties that mere salt-and-water cannot replicate.

However, the same article revealed that you were using candles made of tallow, rather than beeswax. This cannot be so! My dear lady, surely you cannot be ignorant of the differences between the two? Are you aware of the terrible effect that tallow could have on your results? I’ve enclosed my own notes on the subject, in the hope that they will enlighten you. No thanks are necessary, of course, as the work is its own reward.

Yours truly,
Mr. Ronald L. Talbach


Dear Eleanor,

I do hope that you’ll forgive my familiarity, but I quite feel as if we are old friends who have merely been separated by time and distance. In that spirit, I must say that I have become more and more distressed by the reports I have been reading about your work.

I have enclosed copies of my notes on mushrooms and roots, as well as a treatise on how sun- and moon-light affected my own experiments in different quantities and at different angles. In work as delicate as this, no detail should escape your attention, my dear girl!

I believe that it would be best if we met in person, so that I may go over my notes and explain the more esoteric points to you. Please reply with a date and time that is convenient for you.

Yours truly,
Mr. Ronald L. Talbach


Dear Eleanor,

I can only assume that my last letter went astray, as I have not yet received a response from you. In that letter, I proposed that we meet in person so that I can explain a number of points that you appear to be ignorant of. I am sincerely worried that your lack of knowledge in certain areas may forever doom your efforts. Since my last letter, I have added bark, herb lore, and the properties of sulfur to the list of subjects that we urgently need to discuss.

The day after tomorrow would be a propitious day for a visit in your home, as my own is undergoing a thorough inspection at that time. I believe that my shutters are in a sad state of disrepair, despite having paid a fortune in upkeep over the years. The last few nights have been windy, and the thumping outside my bedroom window last night simply cannot be repeated! For this reason, I would be happy to stay the night, should it require more than one day to explain things to you.

Yours truly,
Mr. Ronald L. Talbach



As I write this, the unholy creature outside is busy prying off the boards that were nailed over all of the windows and doors after last night’s encounter. I can only assume that it is a creature of your conjuring, and that you are one of those arrogant individuals who cannot bear to be corrected by their betters. Yes, betters, madam! When I first heard of your research, I believed that you were a peer, but time has clearly shown you to be merely an attention-seeking dilettante with ambitions that are not only above your station, but are utterly beyond your intellectual capacity!

Though you may have succeeded in calling forth a minor and almost laughably weak entity in an attempt to silence me, I am quite certain that your clumsy fumbling will prove no match for my wards. Rest assured, madam, that when this night is over, I will expose you for the fraud that you youAre.png

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