Skyrim VR.

I decided to buy a PSVR rig for the sole purpose of playing Skyrim in VR, and then promptly failed to play Skyrim in VR. I mean, yes, I loaded up the game and messed around a little, but then I got distracted by a bunch of other things. To be fair (to me, I … More Skyrim VR.

Graphic obsession.

I have a fairly ginormous (and totally ubiquitous) post for Far Cry 5 in the works, but though I’ve taken videos and screenshots galore, I’m still… well, too busy actually playing the game. There was one unexpected side effect, though. I installed the game on both my desktop and my gaming laptop, mostly because I’ll … More Graphic obsession.

Killing time, Overwatch, & more bad robots.

Blog fail. Apparently, something has gone haywire somewhere, because I’ve had a hell of a time not getting securi-booted out of WordPress lately. Très bogus. Knock it off! Teaching them to open doors was only the first step. Now we’re teaching the robots to disobey and resist?! What the hell are they thinking? On the other … More Killing time, Overwatch, & more bad robots.

Random Friday: Bad shipping, bad users, & bad machines.

Am I the only person… *Spoilers for the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Like many, I was waiting eagerly for the next episode of Legends because omfgzomg, Constantine! It would be nice (I’ve said this before) if they’d just get a fucking clue and bring him back somewhere on a regular basis, but hey … More Random Friday: Bad shipping, bad users, & bad machines.